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How we at Hampshire Slate are helping the environment

The team here at Hampshire Slate are passionate about the environment and have been watching on in horror at the devestation caused by plastic and highlighted by David Attenborough.

Since starting up Hampshire Slate, we have been committed to doing all we can to recycle. We have a great relationship with a local bridal shop in Winchester and reuse their wedding dress boxes when sending out our orders - who would have thought a slate chalkboard perfect for a wedding timing plan would be the same size as a wedding dress! We hope we haven't dissapointed any brides however, who thought they were getting a beautiful wedding dress delivered and found it was some slate instead!

We also reuse all our packacking and so although your order might not look beautifully presented, you know it is green and environmentally friendly!

In our home life we've made a number of small changes, which have been so easy to do and hopefully will make all the difference!

  • buying our veg from our local man and putting the veg straight in our carrier or in our plastic free bags
  • using cloth nappies and reusable wipes
  • getting our milk delivered in bottles
  • buying as much as possible not in plastic containers i.e washing powder in boxes, tomato ketkup in bottles etc
  • recycling stretchy plastic in supermarket plastic bag bins
  • growing our own veg
Posted by Hampshire Slate on 30 July 2018 16:19

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