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Our Slate

Our Slate

As these are a natural, handcrafted product, some irregularities may occur in the edges or surface, adding to the charm of these slate products.
Some slate products may contain Pyrite a natural mineral that occurs in slate -  a little like glitter. 
We are only a small company and everything is handmade, therefore there is no manufacturing process. Any marks on the surface of the slate are natural products which formed in the slate millions of years ago during the metamorphosis stage.

Cleaning your slate product

Cleaning and maintaining your slate products couldn’t be easier as we thoroughly clean each product and treat it with a food safe acrylic finish which makes the surface impermeable to dirt and water. Even our slate platters, slate placemats or slate coasters, which are likely to be subject to food and drink spills, will wipe clean easily.  

To clean our products at home simply use a damp cloth to wipe off any stains, or if required, add a drop of your normal anti bacterial washing up liquid. This will lift off any stains, and will restore a natural looking, scratch proof surface. Dry with a clean cloth to create a shine, and your slate is ready to be used once again. 

We advise against soaking any Hampshire Slate product in water for any length of time, as this could cause pads or feet to come loose. (Slate placemats and slate coasters feature pads, as do slate platters and many other products.)

Because our products including slate placemats, slate cheeseboards and slate platters are treated with an acrylic finish complying with BN6250 requirements, they are food safe, so once cleaned with a little anti-bacterial washing up liquid, can be used in direct contact with food.  

To achieve a natural, rustic look, we use cutting tools that, over time, may lead to chipping along the edges of our slate goods. This is a natural occurrence and does not compromise the integrity of the slate. 

Caring for your slate

In order to preserve your product for years to come, wipe it down with a drop or two of food grade mineral oil about twice a year. Mineral oil helps protect the integrity of the slate and maintains a slightly polished look.

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